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    I’m in the process of sheetrocking my basement and I want to do some in-wall or in-ceiling surround speakers and I’m wondering what would complement the Debut series. I’m planning on going with the B6 and C5 for the speakers in my built-in but I’d like to keep the surrounds in the wall/ceiling. Any recommendations?

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    Chris Walker


    We just announced an in-wall/in-ceiling Debut line of speakers at last weeks Cedia show. Unfortunately they will not be available until Jan/Feb of 2017.

    Outside of our brand I would recommend Sonance speakers.


    Chris Walker

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      Will the new line of Debut in-wall speakers use a standard framing bracket? I won’t need the speakers for awhile – I just need to lay out where they’ll be so the sheetrock can be installed. If I knew the sizes and the brackets to use that would get me what I need. I’d like to go with all ELAC if possible.

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