Power. Gracefully refined.

After turning the audiophile world on its collective ear with the remarkable Debut and Uni-Fi Series loudspeakers, ELAC’s engineering team embraced the challenge of creating one of their most ambitious speakers to date: Adante.

Adante will surely redefine your concept of what it is possible for loudspeakers to achieve at their respective size and price. Their advanced design; the superior quality of their drivers and components; their precision-built and finished cabinets—all come together to create a breathtaking trio of loudspeakers.

The Adante AF-61 Floorstanding tower, AS-61 Stand Mount monitor and AC-61 Center Channel loudspeaker all share two brand new drivers developed by ELAC through experience gained in the creation of the highly-acclaimed Debut and Uni-Fi Series. Both transducers represent a “clean sheet” design unique to the Adante Series.

Go ahead and throw everything you’ve got at Adante. We did. Further proof that ELAC is the life of sound.


Available 2nd Quarter 2017

Product Details

All-new midrange/tweeter

ELAC’s proprietary concentric driver technology has been applied to create a midrange/tweeter with astounding point-source accuracy, linearity, power handling, speed and articulation on virtually all types of music.

Powerful new woofer

Complementing Adante’s critical concentric driver is a new 6.5-inch woofer that employs a cone that is fast, stiff and can handle all the power it takes to deliver crushing low-frequency crescendos with the dynamic realism of a live performance.

Exceptional cabinets, exquisitely finished

Underpinning the seamless driver transition are no-compromise crossovers and enclosures with the rock-solid structural integrity to eliminate resonances and cabinet distortion. To complete the look, a lustrous gloss white or gloss black epoxy finish is at home in elegant contemporary architectural interiors, while gloss veneer imparts a warm presence to any room.

Dedicated stands

Both the AS-61 Stand Mount monitor and AC-61 Center Channel speaker are offered with optional stands specifically designed by ELAC to complement the Adante design.