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      Well I finally purchased the ELAC Discovery. Reading through the Quick Start Guide – not much there. So I’m wondering if there is a step by step procedure (things to watch out for) that covers:

      External USB drive:
      – I purchased a G-Technology G-DRIVE Mobile SSD R-Series 500GB External USB 3.1 Gen 2 Portable Solid State Drive that is USB 2 compatible – hopefully this is compatible
      – Format the drive in NTFS
      – Connect to Discovery
      – Note: I saw on a Hans B. Video that once the USB drive is connected to Discovey directly, it now becomes a shared network drive and is visible from the PC. Music can be copied from a location on the PC to the external drive. No need to unplug the USB drive to add music to it. Is this correct?

      – Connect Ethernet to the Discovery
      – Power on Discovery
      – Let Discovery perform updates to latest version (I’m assuming this happens automatically)

      Remote App:
      – Subscribe to Tidal – load to PC and Phone
      – Download Roon Essentials for Win 10
      – Download Roon Essentials for Android Phone (Sony Xperia – latest Android OS) – Does Roon Essentials work well with phones in general?
      – Configure to work with Discovery

      Are these basically the steps needed to get up and running?



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      ELAC Support

      Hello Adcom,

      External USB:
      – Should be fine. Connect USB and then go to setting storage and add the folder. It use to be automatic but changed because users wanted to be able to leave out certain folders.
      – NTFS is supported
      – Connect to USB is probably the easiest.
      – It’s viewable but you cannot write to it. You need to plug it into a computer to add content.

      Connection:You are correct. It’s pretty simple.

      Remote App:
      – You actually within Roon Essentials you login to Tidal once and you don’t have to download tidal on your computers or phones.
      – correct
      – correct it works great on phones, but there are certain feature because of size limitations. I prefer a ipad/tablet when serious listening. =)
      – once Roon Essentials remotes and the Discovery are on the same network it the server should be discoverable.

      Let me know if you need further information.

      Charles Mallari

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      Well I’m all setup. Almost.

      Everything works as advertised – except I cannot for the life of me map a network drive from my PC to the external USB drive connected to the ELAC Discovery. I’ve figured out how to backup ELAC data to an external drive connected to my PC. That direction works. But I want to copy music files from my PC and save them to the external drive connected to the ELAC. In the forums, I read that at one time this could not be done. You had to disconnect the USB drive from the ELAC and move it to the PC to save files. But based on the updated release 1.5 this problem was solved. I saw a Hans B. video on the ELAC where he demonstrates copying files from a PC to the ELAC external drive.

      On the Roon support site it appears this can be done, but there are not very good examples given to accomplish this.

      Anyway, here’s a good opportunity for the ELAC support staff to document an example or two – with screen shots or video – on how save files directly to the USB connected to the ELAC.

      BTW, other than the above issue, everything works! Sound is fantastic. Integration with Tidal is very good. Also, Spotify works great too. I’ve added a number of internet radio stations and they sound pristine – compared to my old tuner. I’ve got both Analog outs in use and both sound great. Roon Essentials is running from my PC and also from my phone. I even turned off the blinding ELAC light. Very nice job ELAC! I just can’t understand why this thing flies under the radar.

      One final item. Is it ok to remove the USB external drive from the ELAC Discovery if the unit is on? Or should I pull the power first?



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        How did you get the light off?

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        Never mind. I got it.

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      Well I found a post by D_Fru on this site. Instead of removing the USB drive from the ELAC Discovey and then connecting it to the PC and then copying files – he just takes files on his PC and drops them on the Roon Essentials app! How simple.

      Here’s D-Fru post https://www.elac.com/forums/topic/new-discovery-user/#post-18748

      “I’m not sure about copying from Tidal since I don’t use it yet. I think you have to stream from Tidal and not have the music file on a drive. I download files from HDtracks or rip cd’s to my computer then drag and drop it right into the roon app. The files are copied to the drive I have attached to the Discovery and are then available without the computer.”

      I guess I have a lot to learn. This is really a great device. I’ve been listening to music all day.


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      Yes I drag and drop files to the Discovery app all the time and have never had a hitch.

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