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      Hoping for some help and guidance. I have been using this amp/receiver with my Debut B5+C5 for just over 2 years now and absolutely loved those speakers. I just recently upgraded to the UB-5 and after 2-3 days, the receiver does not recognize any speakers anymore (or even my PB-1000 for that matter). It powers up fine, but does not output anything and show nothing available in its setup menu. I think something fried on it from listening to music rather loudly (-7 db on the display)…

      From what I was understanding is that the dynamic power on the Yamaha should have been ok with them being 4 ohm (using the 6 ohm setting on the amp). It is not quite clear if it even have internal protection either. I seem to understand this model was 80 WPC for the LR channels. Not clear at 4ohm though?

      So, if I am moving to another receiver, where would I be able to find a proper receiver to use those magnificient UB5 without fear of busting the amp again? All I can seem to find are 6-8 ohm receivers… I intend to keep my current setup : PB-1000, C5 and pair of UB5 for my 3.1 setup.

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