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      Hello – I’m considering purchasing the ELAC Discovery DS-S101-G, but before I buy, I started to investigate. All reviews of the product seem favorable from both end-users and the media. However, what concerns me is perceived lack of support from ELAC in these forums. Looking around the web, I see some good deals on the ELAC Discovery – but I don’t want to invest in something that will not be supported. Now, could someone clarify a few things for me:

      – what version of Roon Essentials is currently in production?
      – Does the latest version of Roon Essentials have improved internet Radio support? i.e. list of stations instead of having to manually enter a url.
      – I’ve seen in this forum, mention of Spotify Connect. Does Elac Discovery DS-S101-G support Spotify? I know it supports Tidal.
      – The RCA outs (1 or 2) do they support 192/24?
      – Can a Ethernet powerline adapter be used instead of a direct wire from the router?
      – Is this product being discontinued?

      If I decide to purchase, I would plan on connecting an external USB/SSD drive for music files.

      Thanks in advance,


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      I am very happy with my unit.
      It has benefited from a iFi iPurifier 3 (I had the 2 and the 3 is better).

      – what version of Roon Essentials is currently in production?
      Release Notes 1.5 – Build 48

      New Functionality for Build 48:
      • Redesigned Device Setup, with easier automatic settings
      • Improved “Other Versions” with TIDAL
      • Better Handling Of Incomplete TIDAL Albums
      • Internet Radio supports FLAC and OGG/FLAC streams
      • Radio Improvements
      o Avoid bad picks causes by artist genres, limited artists within a genre, or irrelevant artist relationships
      o Better handling of “Holiday” content
      o Less repetitive picks
      • Support for new file tags:
      o “Bootleg” file tags (If MEDIATYPE, MEDIA_TYPE, RELEASETYPE, RELEASE_TYPE, MusicBrainz Album Type = Bootleg)
      o Radio banning using ROONRADIOBAN tag

      – Does the latest version of Roon Essentials have improved internet Radio support? i.e. list of stations instead of having to manually enter a url. NO

      – I’ve seen in this forum, mention of Spotify Connect. Does Elac Discovery DS-S101-G support Spotify? I know it supports Tidal. YES BUT ONLY ON ANALOGUE OUTPUTS

      – The RCA outs (1 or 2) do they support 192/24? ? THE SPEC SAYS – Coaxial output (independent zone): 1 (192kHz 24-Bit Max)

      – Can a Ethernet powerline adapter be used instead of a direct wire from the router? YES
      – Is this product being discontinued? DON’T KNOW BUT THEY HAVE JUST LAUNCHED SISTER PRODUCT Discovery Series DS-S101-G Music Server

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      adcom, i was a bit concerned myself but now i think even if the roon essential were to ‘go away’ it can still be used as a roon endpoint.

      jay mentions the new unit but after a little scrutiny it mentions nothing of roon essentials and it also has no usb port….which you mention you wanted.

      if i were you i’d go ahead and get a dss101g before their gone…..it doesn’t look like the new one is better or even as good (it weighs half as much) and assuming your in the usa bestbuy has them on clearance right now 769.99!

      the sound quality of this thing just keeps amazing me and is revealing things i didn’t even know was wrong with my system!

      i just hooked up a new dualband router which is obviously better and its blowing my mind all over again….gained 2 db on reference level up to 105 db now!

      you won’t regret the value in this thing….even if it does get discontinued i believe elac will still support it as much as they do now!

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      Thanks jayallears and blan! Helpful information. Could you clarify just a few more items?

      – How does the Spotify work with the Discovery? On other systems, like the BS Node – it appears you run Spotify Connect on your phone or Ipad and then select the streamer – discovery in this case. I’m trying to determine if Spotify is built in the OS or not.

      – I know the specs say the Coaxial is 192/24, but Coaxial is classified as a digital output. I’m curious about the two RCA outs as I would connect directly to my pre amp. I would use the Discovery DAC.

      – Do you find the Internet Radio capabilities cumbersome they way they currently are? What is the quality of the Internet Radio in your opinion? Is having to input a url a big deal in Roon Essentials? Are there limitations as far as the number of Internet Radio urls that can be maintained?

      – Finally, is it ELAC that maintains or updated Roon Essentials or is it Roon? The Roon website seems to point to ELAC as the owner/maintainer. And do you think it is possible in the future to have ELAC or Roon update the limitations – i.e increase file to say 50K or add new features?

      Thanks Again? Just want to get things really clear before I make a commitment.


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      i don’t know about using spotify on the dss101g, i’m pretty sure its not built in unless they have a future integration upgrade but if your serious about music your gonna want tidal hifi…..best 20 bucks a month i’ve ever spent.

      i’m sure theres gotta be a way to integrate spotify if one must through airplay or some other way involving a computer or phone linked to router wifi …..i’m just not that saavy with the computer end of things.

      i have streamed 192/24 and it comes out analog so yes it works….others on here have hard drive/ssd that play 192/24 to analog also.

      the radio is only a pita that you have to go find the url for the station you want and then input it…..once you input its very easy to use just go to that section and select which station you want to listen to. they stay in memory until you want to clear them.

      after investigating the whole roon essentials thing…..roon seems to consider it a mistake (just my opinion) and elac has not used it in their next recent streamers….speaking of, if you don’t mind spending a couple extra bucks look at the elac ddp-2 preamp streamer….it seems to have everything you want including spotify and usb, no essentials though. i think it doesn’t retail for much more than the dss101g.
      i wouldn’t count on anything but minimal maintenance with essentials and for how long?….who knows…they do have that nifty disclaimer about services could go away at any time! but i don’t think elac would do us like that….bad mojo ;^)

      sorry after checking the ddp2 is $2500! looks cool though

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      ELAC Support

      Hello Adcom,

      Roon Essential 1.5(build 49) it is to be noted that Roon and Roon Essential follow different update paths. There are features available in full Roon, that may not be available in Roon Essentials. At this time MQA, DSD Audio, Chrome Cast Compatibility, Qobuz, and 30,000 track limit are a few of the differentials between Roon and Roon Essentials.

      You still need to enter the Url for radio stations.

      The Discovery supports Spotify, but not as part of Roon like Tidal. Within the Spotify app/software you can use the Discovery RCAs as an endpoint.

      The DAC in the Discovery will convert 24bit 192 files.

      I get varying experience from end users about powerline adaptors, mesh networks, and extenders. I personally run an airport express connected to a Google wifi mesh network at home and I have a reliable experience.

      There are a few products that we are releasing or have just release with the Discovery Music Server as the center piece of the systems.

      Charles Mallari

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      Again- Thank you blan and Charles. Charles – can you tell me the difference between the ELAC Discovery and the new Connect model? It sounds like they can be used together? I know it is WiFi – so if both are connected, does the Discovery operate in Wifi?


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        ELAC Support

        Hey Mark,

        The Discovery is a music server running Roon essentials. The Discovery Music server needs an Ethernet connection even if you had both the Discovery and Discovery Connect.

        The Discovery Connect is an endpoint with two zones. One zone is Digital Native and the other zone is a Digital/Analog. Along with being a Roon Ready/Discovery ready device, it is also has Spotify connect, Airplay, Bluetooth, and DLNA device. The Connect has WiFi so it doesn’t need an Ethernet cable to connect to your network. The connect also has output AirX2 so if you had a pair of Navis speakers, you can pair them to the Discovery connect for a wireless solution.

        Charles Mallari

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        Hi Charles,

        Can you elaborate why the Discovery DS-S101-G can’t use SPDIF for Spotify Connect purposes? From what I’ve understood the non-Roon device DISCOVERY CONNECT DS-C101W-G uses Spotify Connect through every connection? I find it very confusing that the higher end device only supports the analog outputs.

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