ELAC is a company whose reach is international, with headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Kiel, Germany, and research and development laboratories in Southern California. Our traditional values ensure that “finest engineering and manufacturing” are more than just catchphrases. Call us conservative, but quality is our passion—as it has been for nearly a century.

Demonstrating ELAC’s technology leadership is as simple as playing the music. Once you hear an ELAC product, you’ll understand our commitment to state-of-the-art sound. That is why ELAC products continue to win awards worldwide. Whether it is one of our many loudspeakers, the ELAC subwoofer app or one of the latest ELAC electronics, every ELAC product combines brilliant engineering, superior parts and dedicated skill in manufacturing.

ELAC’s new facilities in Southern California further expand our technology reach, and allow us to engage some of the industry’s best engineering talent. Together, these resources bring our customers the most innovative speakers and electronics in the industry.