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AirX2 Wireless Transmitter

AirX2 Wireless Transmitter eliminates the clutter of cables, granting you the freedom to place your speakers in the perfect spot for optimal sound quality. Its robust wireless technology ensures a stable connection, delivering high-fidelity audio to your ears without the constraints of traditional wired systems.

Compatible with : 

Varro RS500, RS700, DS1000, DS1200 - Navis Series - Muro SUB2010, SUB2020



Whether you're looking to enhance your home theater experience or simply enjoy your favorite tunes with the clarity they deserve, the AirX2 Wireless Transmitter is a smart choice. Its compatibility with the Varro and Navis Series ensures a harmonious operation, while its wireless capability provides a level of flexibility and ease that is hard to match. Transform your listening experience with the AirX2 Wireless Transmitter. 

Frequency Range2.4GHz Wireless Transmission
Receivers3 Receivers can be connected to one Transmitter
Wireless RangeUp to 25' (7.62m) (Designed for single room applications)
InputsStereo RCA (R/L)
Dimensions (W x H x D)3.7 x 3.62 x 1.54" (94 x 92 x 39mm)
Weight7.04 oz (199.5g)
Airx2 Transmitter Owners Manual Version: 1.0.0 (English) Download

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